Do I need to bring my own handgun to concealed carry training or will one be provided for me?
Good Guy Defense will not provide handguns for students.  You must bring and use your own handgun for concealed carry training, plus 90 rounds of ammunition.  DO NOT BRING YOUR HANDGUN OR AMMUNITION INTO THE CLASSROOM.

Can I bring a .22 caliber handgun to concealed carry training?
No.  Concealed carry training is about carrying a handgun sufficient for self-defense.  Small caliber handguns, such as a .22, are not considered to be practical self-defense handguns.
If I have never fired a handgun before, can I take Good Guy Defense's concealed carry training?
NO! Concealed carry training classes are intended for experienced handgun owners.  If you have never fired a handgun we recommend that you take our NRA Basic Pistol training class, which covers basic handgun and shooting fundamentals.
Once I receive my concealed handgun permit, will I still need a permit to purchase?
No.  Your concealed handgun permit may be used for purchasing a handgun.
If I pass both the written exam and live fire qualification for concealed carry training, am I guaranteed a PASSING mark?
NO! Your behavior and attitude are significant contributors to whether or not you will receive a PASSING mark in a Good Guy Defense concealed carry training class.  Not taking the class seriously or demonstrating UNSAFE behavior at anytime may result in your removal from class and no refund.
May I use laser or optical sights during live fire qualification for concealed carry training?
No.  We prefer that you use "out of the box" open / iron handgun sights.
What type of holster can I bring to a concealed carry training class?
We will only allow strong side holsters in our concealed carry training classes.  You may use either an inside or outside the waistband holster.  In all cases the holster must fully cover the handgun trigger.
Is there anything I need to prepare for before attending a concealed carry training class?
We recommend you review the SAFETY RULES before attending class.  Your safety and the safety of other students and the instructor are of utmost importance.
Where are classes held at?
Good Guy Defense has arranged use of two private locations for conducting classes.  The primary training site is located in Glenwood, IA - approximately 25 miles from downtown Omaha, NE.  A secondary training site is located in Woodbine, IA - approximately 50 miles from downtown Omaha, NE.  When classes are in session Good Guy Defense has exclusive use of these sites.
Does it matter where, geographically, I receive my concealed carry training?
No.  It does not matter in which state you receive your training.  As long as the concealed carry training you are receiving is for your state of residence you are good.
Does Good Guy Defense provide small group or individual concealed carry training?
Yes.  If you are unable to attend a scheduled class and wish to setup a time for individual or small group training, please submit a request on our Contact Us page.  Per student prices may increase due to travel or other considerations.