Students MUST be 21 years of age or older, and sign a waiver
Classroom Portion of Course
     Core Curriculum
  • Ways to avoid a criminal attack and defuse or control a violent confrontation
  • Safe handling of a handgun and ammunition
  • Proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition
  • Reduce the possibility of accidental injury to a child
  • Safe handgun shooting fundamentals
     State Specific Curriculum (state statutes and regulations)
(laws covered in class are dependent on course choice)




Unlawful Possession
Unlawful Transfer
Firearm Purchase
Purchase Permit 
Carry Concealed
Schools 28-1204.04
Illegal Firearms 28-1203
Firearm in Vehicles
Deadly Force 28-1406
Justification 28-1407
Terroristic Threats
Weapons 724
Offensive Weapons 
Possession 724.3
Carrying Weapons 724.4
School Grounds 724.4B
Nonprof Permit 724.7
Persons Eligible 724.8
Firearm Training 724.9
Permit Application 
Carry Permit Issue 
Permit to Acquire 724.15
Applying for Permit 
Acquire Permit Issue 
Force - Defenses 704
Reasonable Force 704.1
Deadly Force 704.2
Defense of Self/Other 
Defense of Property 
Defense Not Available 
Compulsion 704.10
Assault 708
Concealed Firearm Act 
Justification of Force
Rules of Arrests
Weapons in Prohibited Areas
Weapons Laws
Assault and Related Offenses
Uniform Firearm Laws
Protection in Private Vehicles
Weapons Laws (Non-Concealed
Permit Carrier) 76-10-502

      Written Exam

  • A 30 question written exam (developed by NE State Patrol) will be administered. 70% or higher to pass (21 or more questions answered correctly).

Range Portion of Course
  • Practical exercise: precision shooting, draw and fire, decision making
  • 50 rounds at varying distances
  • Live-fire qualification course
  • 30 
rounds at varying distances
  • Using FBI “Q” target
  • Student will practice with an unloaded weapon, drawing and dry firing on a target. This drill is to demonstrate that the student can safely draw a handgun and acquire a target.
  • Student will demonstrate drawing and practice dry firing at least 5 times (or more at the Instructors discretion).
  • Student is allowed three attempts to demonstrate competency in the following live-fire exercises (21 or more rounds in the black).
  Distance       Number of Rounds       Time Limit
  3 feet            Six (6)                           N/A

  (Two rounds per command to fire - 1 repetition must be from a concealed draw.)
  9 feet            Twelve (12)                    N/A

  (Two rounds per command to fire - 3 repetitions must be from a concealed draw.)
  15 feet          Six (6)                            N/A

  (Two rounds per command to fire - 1 repetition must be from a concealed draw.)
  21 feet          Six (6)                            N/A

  (Two rounds per command to fire - 1 repetition must be from a concealed draw.)

What You Need to Bring for the Course
  • Valid Driver's License
  • High quality, safe, defensive type handgun (NO .22s!)
  • Sturdy belt and ONLY strong side hip concealed carry holster
  • Crossdraw and other holsters NOT permitted due to safety concerns
  • 90 rounds of factory loaded new ammunition (
NO reloads!)
  • At least three (3) magazines or speedloaders for your handgun
  • ANSI / OSHA approved Safety Glasses - if you wear prescription glasses, you still need to wear safety glasses over your prescription glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • Dress comfortable for outdoor conditions including sturdy footwear (NO open toe shoes or sandals!)
  • Baseball type cap with visor (recommended)
  • Bring a lunch, snacks, & drinks for the day