Brian Mann

Founder and President of GOOD GUY DEFENSE LLC

I am a US NAVY Veteran (’76 – ’82) and member of the American Legion Riders (ALR) since 2005.  I served as past ALR Commander for the Omaha Post #1 chapter and currently serve as the State ALR Liaison for Nebraska.  Riding motorcycles and honoring our past, current and future Veterans is a passion of mine.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012 the gun control issue once again polarized our nation. Politicians rushed to exploit the horror to further their agendas and the media was having a hay day, as usual. If you recall, there were not many common sense solutions that surfaced during the numerous debates that followed. Only rhetoric and platitudes.

My heart goes out to the parents, family and friends of those young children and teachers who lost their lives that cold December day in 2012. I can remember as if it were yesterday, hearing the news at work and feeling sick to my stomach. There was only one thing I heard that made any sense to me back then, and that came from Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA.  Wayne said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”.  I couldn’t agree with him more. When all else fails, a good guy with a handgun could be the difference between life and death for the innocent. I can’t imagine any of the Sandy Hook parents who would have nothing but eternal gratitude if there had been a good guy with a gun there that day. Perhaps many, if not all, of those precious little children and their teachers would be with us today.

I created GOOD GUY DEFENSE LLC as a result of our nation’s reaction to Sandy Hook. More people than ever are purchasing handguns, and even more are getting their concealed carry permits. Owning a handgun, or any firearm for that matter, is a serious responsibility. My goal is to teach students how to be both safe and responsible handgun owners.